Uranium Resources Plc (‘URA’) is an AIM-listed exploration and development company focused primarily on acquiring and advancing resource assets with short to medium development cycle requirements.
The Company has assembled a core team with a strong track record in resource project evaluation, development, management and financing. The Company currently is involved in a number of projects in Tanzania and is evaluating a number of new opportunities in the country as well as other jurisdictions that fit its investment criteria. Amongst others, it holds a portfolio of uranium licences covering approximately 12,700 sq km in the highly prospective Karoo Basin in southern Tanzania.


Exploration at its three Tanzanian uranium projects, Mtonya, Ruvuma and Ruhuhu is on-going and aimed at ascertaining their economic potential.

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Unlike most metals that are mined for multiple uses and markets, uranium’s main use is as a nuclear fuel in power generation. Approximately 17% of the world’s electricity is generated from nuclear reactors, and demand for nuclear energy is set to increase…

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Tanzania - Investor Presentation

December 2011 presentation outlining our business strategy.

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